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About Us

Safebusiness is a company

Safebusiness is considered one of the best industrial companies in Iran with more than several decades of experience in the production and export of insulation and stone. Relying on the technical and specialized knowledge of our experts and using the world’s latest equipment and technology, we produce and export a variety of high quality insulation and stone products.

What we do

Safebusiness Products


uncoated and coated with aluminum foil sheet and kraft paper sheet this type of insulator is applied in constructing, shipbuilding, conference halls and studios, petrochemical plants, refineries, power stations airports, subways, and so is in the production of sandwich panels.

Pheno Felt

without sheet and with aluminum foil sheet or Kraft paper sheet it is applied in the cover of suspended ceiling, factory shed ceiling, air-circulation channels (air circulation ducts), boilers and pipes heating and cooling units for homes and so on.


with one-side wired screen sheet and two-side wired screen sheet the use of this type of insulation on flat and curved surfaces of oil, gas and petrochemical industry, large-diameter pipes, tanks and boilers, furnaces and ovens, exhaust turbines, chimneys and others.

Bulk Raw Wool

this product is applied in brake-lining manufacturing industries, unavailable and inaccessible irregular structures insulating, in stoves side walls and industrial & home made fridges.


without sheet and with aluminum foil sheet or kraft paper sheet the use of this kind of products is in petrochemical, gas and oil industries, food industries, homemade structural services (household utilities) and pipes containing warm and cold fluids.